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“You’re cruel.” Ino said with a smirk. “He was l

Sunflower. Bright Like the Sunflowers in His Garden. Strong Like the Gladiolus in His Garden. Team Awesome; last one isn't Naruto x Ino oriented, is comedy based but Naruto, Ino and Shino end up on the same gennin team with Anko as a teacher. 3.Kafkaesque bureaucracy. Naruto is Isekaid into our world, reborn in Detroit. Feeling disgusted about what has happened to the United States, he promised himself to become this country's version of a Hokage. The President of The United States of America! cue 'murica! f#ck yeah!

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His Parent's celebrate their successes, while Naruto is applauded if he can even for a proper jutsu. And as time goes on, that praise happens less and less, until he is but an afterthought in his own home. Lost, isolated, a child struggling to keep his head above the water, until a hand yanks him above the waves.Female Uchiha Sasuke. Mother/daughter incest. As the last male Uzumaki and the village’s Jinchuuriki, Naruto has several perks, though the one that comes into play the most often is that any girl who enters his home without his permission to becomes his property. Part 12 of Cosmos’ Anon Stories.Based on the artwork of Sunahara Wataru and the H-Movie “Childhood Restart”: An accomplished Naruto Uzumaki lives in regret over not claiming Sakura Haruno, his true love, before Sasuke Uchiha sank his claws into her. Eager to make things right, Naruto sets out to travel to the past, and, in his younger body, change history so that Sakura ...Trans Uzumaki Naruto. Trans Uchiha Sasuke. Teen Romance. Naruko had enough and decides to join the Akatsuki. But she still won't give up on her dream to become hokage. Even if that means having to put up with Sasuke's shit. Part 3 of Multiverse of Naruto. Language: English.One Shot. Naruto, son of the late fourth Hokage, has suffered almost a year of torture of teasing and insinuations from the only Uzumaki women alive, who seem determined to become more and more tempting... he can't take much longer... Tayuya - 1/4 Uzumaki. Part 1 of Uzumaki/Namikaze Luck. Language: English.Any information you publish in a comment, profile, work, or Content that you post or import onto AO3 including in summaries, notes and tags, will be accessible ...Fuji has companions, they all hold great power, don't underestimate them. Sasuke and Naruto, protect Ino at all costs. Sasuke, you're the captain. You're going to depart in an hour. Dismiss" "Hai" ~~~~ "Woah, isn't this your first time going on a mission with Sasuke, right Ino?" Naruto asked as we exited the building.Kiri Sakura. Uzumaki - Freeform. In a shocking event where young Sakura Haruno dies at an early age, A soul whom has wondered the vast alternate realities claims this empty shell. The soul embodies Sakura and takes full charge, How will this new Sakura change the events of the future. Language: English.Iruka left active duty years ago, staying comfortably in his Chunin rank to support the village from within. After a troubled childhood that left him out in the cold, he turned his poor coping choices inward and worked on crafting the perfect omega persona. A golden Academy teacher beloved by students and parents.A slice-of-life AU in which six-year-old Sasuke, who lost his parents not long ago, is being raised by a teenaged Itachi. He hates everyone except Older Brother, takes his anger with him to school, and butts heads with Naruto, an annoying snotty-nosed kid who has no parental figure to teach him to behave.Original Naruto Clan. The smallest actions, the slightest changes, create a vast typhoon of consequences across time. On the day of the Third Hokage's greatest mistake, an ancient group emerges to offer to save the Uzumaki from their fate. Defying destiny, Naruto's path of life, relationships, and his goal are changed forever.Albino parakeets are those that exhibit a mutation in the color-producing portion of their genome. The gene that causes the mutation is called the ino gene. However, because there ...Things haven't been great for Himawari Hyuuga. The changes in her life have almost overwhelmed the young girl and now she gets to spend some time with her mother and brother or so she thought. With Boruto and Hinata away it just leaves her and Ino and Ino desperately wants her to see her as part of the family.Sakura is crying next to Sasuke, Choji and Ino awkwardly standing behind her, unsure what to do. Shikamaru sighs again, walking towards Naruto to lean over him, waiting a moment for any sign of movement before gently slapping his cheek, frowning. "Shikamaru!" Ino and Sakura gasp, Choji stopping mid bite to stare at his friend in surprise.Naruto, Naruto (Anime & Manga) Naruto's life is sacrificed to the Akasuki, and he dies after having the Kyuubi extracted from him. Or so everyone thought. But three years later, when the Akatsuki is on the move again after years of silence, a familiar face shows up, and everything changes. Pairings NaruXShika.Yamanaka Ino; Black Zetsu (Naruto) Hidden Village; Moon; Spanking; Konoha - Freeform; Summary. Black Zetsu finds a boy that moved from the Moon Village to the Leaf Village. Being that Naruto and Sasuke are still kids and his plan to release Kaguya was YEARS from completion, Zetsu decides to teach the boy how to meet with her, for a plan B, just ...Naruto, Naruto (Anime & Manga) Naruto's life is sacrificed tDuring an amazing dinner that Naruto made, Temari, Kurean Sakura twisted—ignoring the sharp pain of hair being ripped from her scalp—to send one leg flying high. Her foot landed squarely on his face, but her strength must have been nothing compared to his mass, and he only staggered back. "You little bitch," he snarled. Lunging forward, he punched her right in the stomach.During an amazing dinner that Naruto made, Temari, Kureani, and Ino all get an text messages from Shikamaru, Asuma, and Sai, and when Temari, Kureani, and Ino all open the text message, they're pale, as everyone else notices as well, and when everyone else takes a look, they're all shocked, especially Naruto and Hinata, at what Shikamaru ... Ino was likely as pure as Sakura. Naruto nodded, as Kaguya may be a god, but Ino carries half of Sakura’s soul. She is a woman fueled by grief, desperation, love, and more than a little bit of fury. No god, not even the Mother of All Chakra, stands a chance against such a combination. Her punch sends Kaguya into the waiting palms of Naruto and Sasuke.Naruto (Anime & Manga), Boruto (Anime & Manga) The leaves fall, only to make room for new ones. A dream comes true, to open up new dreams. The Hokage's will is, and always will be, to protect the future of his people. The will of fire is born again, this time, in a descendant of the Uchiha clan. OneShot Headcanon. His Parent's celebrate their successes,

Well Ino was glad someone was enjoying themselves. A cough brought her attention back to the panel arrayed before her, and Ino marshalled her expression back into something suitably professional. She was sure no one was buying it. "So you managed to escape," Shikaku prompted, obviously trying to end things as soon as he could. "Yes sir.Ino was likely as pure as Sakura. Naruto nodded, as if understanding her precarious predicament. “Of course, of course… Tonight’s lesson will be simple enough,” he began, leading a nervous Sakura over to the blond’s bed. It was a bit messy, but still a bit neat, in its own way. He kept hold of Sakura’s hand, smiling.Gaara has a responsibility to his Village, to be a better Kage than his predecessors. Ino has a responsibility to her clan, to work to strengthen their bonds across the Villages. With the future looming so large, they steal what they can of the present but they can't keep running forever. Part 2 of Runaway Train.Forced Betrayal. After the Uchiha Retrieval Mission Naruto is banished by the council behind Tsunade's back betrayed by the Konoha 11. Naruto finds himself in a new world as Kurama transports him to Perim landing …Naruko is Makiko. Makiko needs a hug. Masato needs a hug. Namikaze Siblings. Minato's Mother. Having had dreams about each others different worlds and lives, Naruto and Naruko were well acquainted with the idea of there being alternative universes out there, where things differed from their own respective worlds.

Ino's moans sounded across the forest, as did the wet, schlicking noises made by her pussy, and the naughty slurping and sucking sounds Naruto made as he serviced Ino with hands and mouth. She moaned, both hands now running through his hair, pushing his head against her crotch. "UGh, hii, hiiii!!!! Right there!"Smart Uzumaki Naruto. Lemon. Adventure & Romance. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... While meditating, Jedi Master Yoda receives a vision of a young hero who will turn the tide for many battles in the future. Now, he's on his way to find the hero from his vision before it's too late. Rated Explicit.…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. Jiraiya (Naruto) Original Male Character (s) Kisaki.. Possible cause: He reached into his pack and handed her the fourth book in what he was calling "The .

Naruto is the 'Hero of the Shinobi World', missing an arm, and currently getting ramen with the other two Team Seven members not in jail and Ino. Life isn't perfect but Naruto couldn't ask for more. More comes anyway. It starts with the redhead who looks like a mix of Kushina and Gaara.Against the World - also a darker!Konoha au . Sanitize - Warring States era civilian doctor . Compass of thy Soul - Warring States era Uchiha OC . Echoes of Light - Uchiha OC Sasuke's cousin . Bloody Oracle of Kiri - Hidden Mist OC, Kakashi's generation . Hear the Silence - slightly darker Konoha, more believable child genius character, great OCs, …Naruto, Naruto (Anime & Manga) Naruto's life is sacrificed to the Akasuki, and he dies after having the Kyuubi extracted from him. Or so everyone thought. But three years later, when the Akatsuki is on the move again after years of silence, a familiar face shows up, and everything changes. Pairings NaruXShika.

In progress. Dirt and Ashes, or: The One-and-a-Half Body Problem is an AU where the Sound invasion succeeded. Sakura manages to escape along with a good chunk of Hidan's body. Hilarious and oddly touching at times. If you loathe Hidan as a character you won't like it, however. Almost exactly 90k, funnily enough.War of the Ring. Death was a strange thing, Sakura came to understand; an end, and yet somehow mystifyingly the start of something new. The price of that was steep, yet it was the start of her own odd adventure in a strange new world her ancestors once resided in. ADVENT 21. Part 21 of Advent 2023. Naruto is brooding about the death of Hinata Hyuuga during the Fourth Great Shinobi War. To make matters worse, Sakura Haruno, his former crush, is eloping with Sasuke Uchiha. Life for Naruto is down on the dumps until Tsunade arrived and confessed her love to him. Rights belong to Masashi Kishimoto. Language:

Don't Take This Too Seriously. One day, the world was Anyway, a really handy tip if you use AO3 is to go to the tag for the pairing (in this case, for SakuIno) and in the "search works" box, type "OTP: true" (see AO3 hidden search operators for more of those tricks). That way, you don't get any fics tagged with other pairings. 6. Reply. SeaworthinessNext355 • 2 yr. ago.Naruto (Anime & Manga) Sasuke is persuaded by Naruto and Sakura to parade around the houses on Halloween. The only consolation: his big brother Itachi, who usually never has time, accompanies the three of them. When Team 7 have filled their bags with sweets, Naruto has an idea. Uchiha Clan - Freeform. The Nara, Yamanaka, and AHatake Kakashi. Uzumaki Naruto is a Little Shit. Self Insert Does schizophrenia look the same way in every culture or country? This episode of Inside Schizophrenia podcast explores. Schizophrenia affects approximately 24 million people world... Because of the sudden attack from Kyuubi, the hospital of Konoha wa Naruto. Team Minato along with Kushina Uzumaki, Hiruzen Sarutobi, Tsunade Senju, Jiraiya, 4 to 5-year-old Itachi Uchiha, and Mikoto and Fugaku Uchiha are brought to an unknown room by the Sage of Six Path, Hagoromo Otsutsuki, to learn of the disaster that future has become in hopes of fixing it.Post-Chuunin Exams. Before moving to Konoha, Yuri once lived the Village Hidden in the Sand with her parents. One night while walking with her mother to gather supplies for the long journey, Yuri came across a strange boy with red hair. The two made a promise to meet each other again. linkffn ( Naruto: A Deceitful God by The OmnipInuzuka Kiba. Jiraiya (Naruto) Hyuuga Hinata. Naruto Uzumaki isAgainst the World - also a darker!Konoha au . Naruto (Anime & Manga) Sai learns what Valentine's Day is, and Yamato decides he's going to celebrate the occasion for the first time. Meanwhile, Ino is stuck working the busiest day of the year, and Kakashi is praying he'll make it to Yamanaka Flowers before it closes for the night. Anime & Manga. No Media. Mergers. Naruto has been made a synonym She ran her fingers over the grooves in the rod, grinning happily, then passed the other to Karui. "God, it's so beautiful," said the redhead. Hinata put on the strapon then crawled on the bed till she stood in front of Naruto. "Hello, honey…" she said with a syrupy voice. The big black cock swinged between her legs. Against the World - also a darker!Konoha au . Sani[Sakura feels a little hand tug her sleeve. The blonde boy is stilAre there any fics that are inspired or based on Jiraiya (Naruto) Original Male Character (s) Kisaki. Shiranui Genma. Self-Insert. Canon-Typical Violence. Pre-Canon. life is confusing and then it gets worse. stubborn attempts at survival.Smart Uzumaki Naruto. The multi-verse saga in which Naruto a male decides to follow the path of power. Who else has more power then the Uchiha Clan. Those that cross him will pay in blood. If needed the whole world will pay with their blood. Afterall the strong ruled over the weak and he shall be the strongest ever.